SGF to Memopad



Download (v1.04 from 2004-04-19, ~200K)

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What does it do ?

This is a tool for go players who use the program PilotGone to view go games on their palm. PilotGone reads these in the fileformat SGF from single memos from the memopad application which comes with the PalmOS.

The problem is how to get many SGF files from your PC into your palm, or more precisely how to get them into the Palm Desktop. The simple but stupid solution is to open the SGF file into an editor, copy everything to the clipboard and paste it into the Palm Desktop Application (and synchronize your palm). If you do this with many SGF files it becomes a really frustrating work.

This program gives you a little shortcut: it can create "Memopad Archive Files" (.mpa). These files are normally created when you export memopad items with the Palm Desktop. The Palm Desktop can also import these .mpa files - so if you want to get many .sgf-files onto your palm, use this program.




  1. Add SGF files to the list
  2. Save as a .mpa file,
    this file now contains all the sgf-files
  3. Start Palm Desktop (Windows)
    goto Memopad, do File->Import
    and import this new .mpa file
  4. Synchronize your palm