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Memopad to SGF


Download (v1.03 from 2003-08-12) (see screenshots at the end of this page)

Recent Changes:

  • Tip for palm desktop version 4.1.4. from a user (2008-02-05):
    First select in the palm desktop the mpa files you want to convert and export them as ''Memo Pad Archive'' files. Then the conversion works fine.
    (thanks for the feedback!)
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  • 2005-12-06: Discovered incompatibility with Palm Desktop 4.1.4  (not fixed since no updated format description available yet)
  1. With your palm:
    1. create go games with PilotGone
    2. synchronize your palm
  2. Select a Memopad file which contains games from PilotGone
    1. either memopad.dat from your Palm-Desktop
    2. or an exported *.mpa file
  3. Select an output directory for the .sgf files
  4. Export single categories or all at once,
  5. for each category a seperate directory will be created in the selected output directory.

What does it do ?

This is a tool for go players who use a palm and the program PilotGone to make game records. PilotGone saves them in the fileformat SGF as single memos in the memopad application which comes with the PalmOS. When you synchronize your palm these memos are automaticly copied to your PC.

The problem is then how to extract these as SGF files from the Palm Desktop. The simple but stupid solution is to copy a single memo to the clipboard, open an editor, paste the clipboard into the editor and save the file.

This program automates this task. When you you synchronize your palm with your pc, all the data is saved into special files (e.g. memopad.dat for MemoPad) and i found a description of the file format of these files. So i wrote this program which reads the memos from such a file and saves the data into seperate SGF files.


  • reads .mpa and memopad.dat files as saved by the Palm Desktop Application 4.0 (with 4.1.4 it doesn't work directly but a user reported you can to export them as "Memopad Archive files" and import that).
  • scans the memos for SGF content (can generate a list of the found .sgf games)
  • saves these SGF memos to separate .sgf files, remove the first line if necessary,
  • uses the categories to create seperate directories
  • runs under Windows 98 - XP (only tested with XP Home)
  • is freeware


  • Tested only with .mpa files written by Palm Desktop 4.0 for Windows
    (see above for a workaround for 4.1.4)