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SGF Shell Extension

Screenshot Windows XP

Screenshot Windows Vista (warning: there are problems, read below)

Download (v1.2 from 11th April 2006, 115 KByte)

Recent Changes

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    use this simplified URL:
  • 20.07.2007 - tested with Vista Home Premium and it's a bit disappointing:
    • only Info Tip works as normal in Vista
    • no SGF columns anymore in Vista (reason: the new property system)
    • no nice statusline as in XP
    • Installing SGF Shell Extension does mess up your Vista a bit: I cannot do "New->New Folder" anymore after installing SGF Shell Extension 1.2 on Vista. This can be fixed (see here) but it's a bug. Yes, it's ugly. No, I may not quickly provide an update. We'll see.
    • bottom line:
      Windows Vista is not really supported.
  • 11.04.2006 - with installer now, potential bugfix with column ids, renamed columns to begin with SGF to be easier to find, tested with Windows XP SP2 (old v1.1 had problems with not all new columns being recognized by Windows Explorer, a problem probably introduced by some Windows Service Pack)

What does it do ?

The Windows Explorer has a Details View which displays information about files in seperate columns.

From Windows 2000 on you can configure which columns you want to see. If you right-click on the caption of any column, you'll get a context menu whose items are a subset of all the available columns. By selecting the More option, you can display the whole list of available columns. You can turn any column on or off and change the order of them.

Programmers can extend the Windows Explorer in various ways, e.g. create new columns for the details view and implement new Info Tips for special files. Info Tips are the little hint windows when you move the mouse over a file. I did both for SGF files.

Why is this useful ?

You can see who the players are without opening an extra sgf editor. You can sort your sgf files in a directory by the new sgf properties. Sorting by rank is not perfect though since the Explorer does only string sort, you might run into "sorted" lists like 1d, 1k, 2d, 2k, 3d, 3k.

You can find out the winning percentage of your favourite player with this. Get all games of say Cho Chikun and put them into an extra directory. See the Windows Explorer how many files you have there. Enable the culumn "SGF Winner" and click on it to sort your games by the Name of the Winner. You can now easily mark all games which Cho won and Windows explorer shows you how many files you marked. With some basic math you get your percentage.


  • 11 new columns for the Details View in Windows Explorer:
    SGF Black, SGF B Rank, SGF White, SGF W Rank, SGF Game Result, SGF Game Date, SGF Game Name, SGF Handicap, SGF Summary, SGF Winner (Name of the Player), SGF Loser (Name of the Player)
  • Game information for .sgf files in Info Tip and Statusline


  • Works on Windows Me, 2000 and XP as far as I know.
  • Windows Vista is not really supported.
    Because there are problems: only the Info Tip works (when you move the mouse over an sgf file) and it may mess up your ability to create new folders with the mouse right click! At least this happens to me on my German Vista Home Premium. This can be fixed afterwards (see vista folderfix) but I have to admit it's ugly. Someday I will make a fully fledged release for Vista, but right now you and I have to live with it. It's a bug. Recap:
    Only install on Windows Vista if you are willing to apply the folder fix afterwards!
  • It's a little slow on huge (>100k) SGF files.
  • Game collections in single SGF files are not supported.

Installation (v1.2)

  • Install:
    Unpack the .zip and run SfgShellExtension.msi. After installation close all instances of Windows Explorer and start a new one. (Vista: apply additional folder fix)
  • Uninstall:
    Close all Windows Explorer instances.
    Go to Control Panel->Add/Remove Software.
    Select Sgf Shell Extension and click uninstall.