My name is Martin Schmidt and the main purpose of this page is to guide you to my old programs to download, which have an English user interface. 

I work as a programmer developer for a small software company in Rostock, Germany. I studied computer science at the University of Rostock and I'm thirty something years old. Locate Rostock with google maps.

More in the internets:

Game of Go

One of my hobbies is to play the ancient asian game of Go (what is Go?). I am 1 dan in Germany and play occasionally on KGS

Password Management - .NET Master Password
Maarten Billemond created a brilliant concept for managing passwords and even provides iPhone-, Android-, Java and Mac-App Apps (here). I wanted that on Windows too and created a compatible programm. See Description and Download at GitHub.

Archive - Go Programs

Long time ago I created three little freeware tools for go players. They were running under MS Windows and available for free download here:
Today that's all pretty obsolete. I suggest to use SmartGo on the PC and SmartGo Kifu on an iPhone like I do. Both are great and made by the inventor of the SGF file format himself.